Webinar 27th of March: Solving the Problem of Unstructured Data

Deconstructing the vast array of industry terms and automation options can be confusing enough. Add in the need to solve the puzzle of unstructured data and you may well need to borrow some techniques from Sherlock Holmes himself to solve this mystery.

Einar Michaelsen who will be interviewed at the webinar works within Management Consulting in KPMG Lighthouse (Center of Excellence) and helps businesses succeed in their Intelligent Automation journey. Einar has experience from all parts of the Intelligent Automation value chain. He started out as a RPA developer and business analyst certified in multiple RPA tools before he started working on a more strategic level with automation strategy, operating model and governance. Einar has been involved in the automation of over 60 business processes across different business areas. In his previous role, he built up a center of excellence in a global bank and trained several RPA developers and business analysts. Einar has experience from automating complex business processes and working with semi-structured data using cognitive automation. He also has experience and certification within the field of virtual agents and conversational AI. In recent years, Einar has done several keynotes and speaking engagements on RPA, AI and Intelligent Automation both locally in the Nordics and internationally.

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